Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Video Mesum Ariel Dan Velove Vexia

Unfinished case video porno Ariel Luna Maya and Cut Tari. Now there is gossip circulation of a video mesum Ariel and Velove Vexia. Beautiful star Vexia Velove who is also a lawyer OC Kaligis children participate in a series that has called video mesum by Ariel peterpan.

Meanwhile Velove who had just come from the U.S provides direct rebuttal gossip about the circulation of a video mesum. "I know Ariel, but never really knew, I only see on television, oh it was Ariel" Velove said when met Vexia after attending Pond's Beauty Under Water Walk Showcase at Epicentrum Rasuna

Video Mesum about Ariel and Velove Vexia so phenomenal until there are rumors circulating that there are 32 artists in video bugi Ariel. I think the rumors of Video mesum Ariel and Velove Vexia is just the news that want to drop the image of the artist. The existence of the video in the cyberspace also nonexistent.

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